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Green Mountain Distillers

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Green Mountain Distillers
Green Mountain Distillers

Project Summary

Revitalizing Green Mountain Distillers’ Digital Presence

Objective: To redesign and develop a website that not only reflects the quality and craftsmanship of Green Mountain Distillers’ organic spirits but also enhances user experience through a modern e-commerce platform and a streamlined “buy online, pick up in-store” feature.

Key Features:

  • Modernized Design: A fresh, visually appealing design that pays homage to GMD’s rich history and handcrafted spirits.
  • E-Commerce Integration: A seamless online shopping experience, enabling customers to explore and purchase GMD’s premium organic spirits.
  • Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store: A convenient feature that caters to the evolving shopping preferences of GMD’s clientele.
  • User-Friendly CMS: An intuitive Content Management System that allows the GMD team to effortlessly update website content, ensuring it remains current and engaging.
  • Server Upgrade: Enhanced server capabilities to ensure optimal website performance and security.

Outcome: A revitalized website that not only beautifully showcases GMD’s distillery and product range but also offers an enhanced, user-friendly shopping experience, aligning GMD’s digital presence with their reputation for quality and craftsmanship in the distilling industry.


We revitalized Green Mountain Distillers' online presence, ensuring it mirrors the quality and craftsmanship they infuse into every bottle of their premium organic spirits. The previous website, which had served them for 12 years, was redesigned from the ground up, integrating a seamless e-commerce experience and a convenient "buy online, pick up in-store" feature.

A Nod to Tradition, With a Modern Twist

We aimed to encapsulate the rich history and meticulous crafting process of GMD’s organic liquors, whiskey, and gin in the website’s design and content. The distillery, nestled in Morrisville, VT, has been handcrafting small-batch spirits since 2002, blending the finest ingredients with a proprietary distillation process. This dedication to quality and tradition was a focal point in our design strategy, ensuring that every visitor embarks on a digital journey that’s as pleasant and inviting as a sip of their Citrus Gin.

Innovation and Ease of Use

In addition to a fresh, modern design, we upgraded the servers and implemented new features, such as online ordering for in-store pickup, to meet the evolving needs of GMD’s clientele. Furthermore, we developed an easily managed Content Management System (CMS) that empowers the GMD team to effortlessly update and maintain their website, ensuring that the digital representation of their distillery is always current and engaging.

From Concept to Reality

Our journey from concept to design to development was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that the essence of GMD - from their summer-inspired Citrus Gin to their rich Maple Liqueur - was vividly portrayed and easily accessible to online visitors.