Javin Towers

Product Design, Web Development & Marketing

About Me

Innovative and versatile designer with a knack for shaping complex problems into simple, user-friendly concepts. Specializing in product design, interaction design, visual design, and strategic product thinking, with a strong foundation in Webflow, Figma, and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Proficient in leveraging no-code tools to devise practical solutions.


  • B.S. Sustainable Product Design
  • B.S. Computer Science
  • Hella Online Courses and Youtube

Relivant Experience

Web Designer & Developer

Parcl | May 2022 - July 2023

Spearheaded transformation of abstract ideas into valuable experiences for millions of users through innovative website designs and marketing campaigns. Demonstrated expertise in interaction design, visual aesthetics, and strategic product thinking to create compelling and user-friendly interfaces. Collaborated across teams to manage the end-to-end user experience from conception to launch, leading to significant advancements in product goals and decision-making processes.

Founder, Web Design & Strategy

Cookie Cache Studio

Collaborate with businesses to shape their online presence by providing Creative Direction, Web Strategy, Design, and SEO. We build custom CMS-based solution to solve our clients' unique online needs. We use no-code tools, such as Webflow and Shopify to provide solutions that can be managed by internal teams.

Product Design – Oakland, CA


Worked with a small, dedicated team at Neyborly, a growing venture-backed startup. I wore many hats, but my primary role was shaping our product through thoughtful UX/UI design. In close collaboration with the CEO and Head of Design, we crafted a digital and physical brand identity that our users could connect with. We developed marketing strategies and brand assets that told Neyborly's story.


  • Design: Proficient in product, interaction, visual design, and strategic product thinking.
  • Prototyping Tools : Skilled in Figma, InVision Studio, Principle, Framer, and Webflow.
  • Web Development : Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.
  • Marketing & Collaboration: Experienced in marketing campaigns, automation, and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated team leadership and positive impact on work environment.
  • Data Visualization: Skilled in presenting complex data in a visually appealing manner.
  • Other Tools: Experienced with Webflow, Retool, Notion, and Airtable.